Blade and soul weapon slots

blade and soul weapon slots

This hammer adds a gem socket to a Legendary weapon. The number of Legendary Gem Hammers required to unlock a gem slot varies. Just curious, is there any way to unlock more gem slots without using hammers? Keep content related to Blade & Soul ; Don't create threads to recruit for or slots legendary or can you get more though the regular weapon. Hi everyone, It just seems wrong that you can go all the way to stage 10 and only get 3 slots and you open the fourth one. Now you have to. This Topic All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search. This is an archived post. I know, will have 3 again ;. This does not include mods or tools that do not break Dojo rules. I hope we can work together and keep bringing this issue in front of them. You can remove a gem from a slot, just open the upgrade tab from your inventory 3rd button on the bottom , right click the weapon you want to take the gem from and drag it to your inventory. No you don't roll back on Slots.

Blade and soul weapon slots Video

[Blade & Soul NA] New Weapon Leveling Breakdown, How do I Level my alts wep?! blade and soul weapon slots If you find a post or thread that you believe needs to be moderated, use the report function. All content should be safe-for-work. You do not get any extra gem slots. By the way, i have 4 Legendary Hammer on my other character that is NOT Account Bound Hope NCSuck would fix. I'm pretty sure you unlock the third slot after Blackram narrows upgrade? Click here for more information. Topics All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search. May 20, Taiwan: Memes, macros and other unrelated content should be hidden with spoiler tags. Please read the rules carefully before sending in reports. I have upgraded to 6 and only got 4 slots. Violation of this rule will result in a 24 hour ban Don't ask for support or report bugs. But that's what I was trying to say initially, get the mats so you can go from true scorpio to stage 3 or 4, that gives you chances to get max sockets. For account and technical support, or placing bug reports, please contact Customer support Don't post anything that violates the NCSoft EULA, such as exploits, hacking, and so on. You will not participate in any real-money trading "RMT" transactions, such as selling gold. Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner Yun: I made this character over a month ago however, I THINK. Do not create new clan threads over and over to advertise the same clan. Marketplace You will not attempt to buy, sell or trade NCoin or items from the Hongmoon Store. You will not impersonate Dojo staff, Curse staff or NCSoft staff.


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